07 September 2011

August 2011: Vogue Korea 15th Anniversary

Image via Style.co.kr.

15 years, celebrated by 15 covers featuring 15 of Korea's top female celebrities, each shot by a different Korean photographer. Click to view the other 14 covers.

Last month, I asked my friend Amber if she could send me the 15th Anniversary issue upon her return to Korea near the end of the month. I showed her my first and second choice covers. Wasn't sure how likely it would be for her to find either of them since the September Issue was set to come out within the week she got home..but mainly because there were FIFTEEN covers. That is way too many, if you ask me. It's a cool-sounding concept, but I am sure there were a lot of people who skipped out on getting this issue. That is why I gave her just two choices, because I would've preferred not getting it at all, as opposed to settling for a cover I didn't much care for.

I'd pretty much given up hope that she'd find any of them, let alone my favorite, when she sent me a wall post with the above photo attached, saying "Hey beautiful, look what's on its way to you :)" I could not believe it! What touched me most was that she actually remembered, because her life back home is insanely busy. Thanks babe, for taking the time, energy, and money to get this for me + send it my way.

I recognized a couple of the actresses from Korean movies I've seen..but have no idea who that cover model is, or what she is famous for. I just found it to be the most unique of all the covers due to its simplicity and clean lines.

Did I mention I have ZERO ability to read Korean? ^^;;

One thing that weirds me out about Asian [high] fashion magazines- how incredibly pale these women are. Nothing wrong with being super diligent about one's skin, of course. It's just that most Asian women these days achieve a pale skin tone unnaturally via whitening treatments and skin bleaching. I believe in embracing one's natural skin color and taking care of it accordingly, not forcing it one way or another.

Was amazed at how heavy the box was when the postal worker handed it to me. Turned out it wasn't just the magazine, but a 15 years magazine (of equal thickness) that came with! I'm so happy to have these in my collection of Vogues, but most of all, that I have lovely friends like her who understand my passion and are willing to get these special issues for me. 

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