12 October 2011

Just 10 weeks, 3 days to go...

That middle sign says it all...

Image via Mark Hillary's flickr.

2 weeks,1 day) into my shopping ban, and I am doing pretty well. The objective: no shopping until Christmas, except for gifts.

I am much less obsessive about shopping than I was in late-spring/early-summer + have gotten much better at appreciating my purchases before getting something new.. so that's good.. but I still have a long way to go. I'd like to be able to go months at a time without shopping, mostly so that I can save money for the future..but partly so that I might learn the patience to save for investment pieces that will last many years. I'd like to get a Chanel 2.55 large or Alexander Wang Diego bucket bag..but that will never happen if I keep indulging in a bunch of smaller purchases. Got a lot of great stuff this summer, basics that should last me forever..which should help me cut way down on the amount of clothes and shoes I buy for the next several months.

On my to-do list: besides not shopping, getting rid of the clothes I never use. The first (and most difficult) step is admitting I will never use that [fill in the blank], despite its sentimental value. 

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