29 October 2011

Project Runway Ssn 9 Ep14 favorite: Viktor Luna

Of course Anya won. She should have gotten kicked off in episode 13 but wasn't for some odd reason. The winner should be chosen based on current ability in both design and sewing, not on how pretty and well-liked they are. People should be able to put on the winner's garments without being shoved or sewn into them. Her collection turned out well, a lot better than I was expecting.. but worthy of winning a show, not to mention all that money? I don't think so. Whatever, Viktor should have no trouble finding success. He may not have won but now his name is out there. I guess what kills me the most about this is that Anya already had a ton of success. She's a beauty queen, has not one but two lines (Pilar and Anya de Rogue), hosts programs and events, and even hosted her own fashion program (Make It Yours)..basically she's a celebrity in Trinidad & Tobago. It's always the people who already have it that want more, and don't seem to mind taking it away from people who have worked really f'ing hard.

This whole thing has me thinking about Mondo. What does Project Runway have against Mexican-American designers? Second time in row that one has been robbed of the win.


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