06 March 2012

Big news

Sort of a continuation of my last post.

It's like, God, I have been wasting so much money on silly things...not just clothes and shoes but college, on a major I'm not terribly passionate about. Speaking of which, I have huge news. A few weeks ago I decided to take a hiatus from school. Not yet though- I will be finishing out academic year. No more wasting time doing something I don't absolutely love. Wish I had realized this sooner. It's ok though, everything happens for a reason and I don't regret having gone back. I learned a lot about Art History, what I want out of life and the kind of people I want in it, what truly interests me, the kind of work I want to do...made a couple amazing friends, was able to visit Europe and Japan, had the chance to take on 2 new languages (Russian and French).. last but not least, met my man of 3 years in Japanese language class :) and thanks to him started going back to church. Well technically "all thanks to 'Him'" haha. I wouldn't be who + where I am today without all of those things, school being the catalyst.. but as far as I'm concerned, one doesn't have to graduate to have had an unforgettable time, or to have a fulfilling life + career. I see it as having served as a stepping stone (in an untraditional way) to what I was really meant to do.

A couple months ago I accepted a position and started work as a personal assistant/stylist and realized.. that's the sort of work I truly enjoy. Might not seem like much to some people, but I love it, and that's all that matters. It helps people and has to do with aesthetics/organization. It's awesome if they're open to learning a new system of organization. Even more awesome to work for someone who respects me as much as I respect them :) I'd be happy working this job, my restaurant job (good coworkers, short hours, very good money- couldn't ask for more!), and take classes here and there in just the subjects I'm interested in.

This is going to sound cliche but life is too short. We go to school, incur loans, only to graduate and have to work our asses off for years on end to pay them back. I'm more than glad to be saving myself $10,000+ ..and this is in-state tuition I'm talking. Out-of-state students pay $25,000+ per year to receive the same exact education, which I think is ridiculous. Some attend university for the prestige- hell, I get the strangest reactions when I tell people what school I attend. A lot of classmates let it inflate their egos, but I don't really care. It's just that the major I chose happened to be in what's considered a really good school within the university, and I was able to get in. So what? Or the money. What good is money when all you do is work? Money certainly makes things easier but is not the key to happiness. Call me crazy but I think money holds people back- spiritually especially. Money is as bad an addiction as drinking and drugs- just think of all the terrible things people do for money.

The kind of life I want to live? I just want to be able to afford nice things sometimes and travel every so often, enjoy my time with people I respect and/or love, touch lives in some way, always be real to myself and other people, and not wake up with that day's obligations being my first thought. It's about making the most out of the time I've been given, and not letting the opinions of other people/concern about my image hold me back from living as full a life as possible. As you can tell I'm proud of my decision :) and am excited to be starting on this new road soon. It isn't going to be easy with the loan repayments but I'll take this over spending more time and money on something that doesn't totally excite me, and taking valuable space away from someone who lives and breathes Art History.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. Thanks for taking the time to read...

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