15 March 2012

Just in

Meant to post this yesterday but got caught up in spring cleaning. Man I have a lot of stuff I don't use! I feel like I've said this before, and I probably have.. it's about facing the fact that I only think about those things when I see them, and letting them go even though they have sentimental value. To me it's more respectful to the items and whoever gave it to you to get it to someone who will actually use them, whether it be via eBay, consignment, or donation.

My goal is to pare down my wardrobe to ONE garment rack, not including my shelf for t-shirts, tiny closet filled with sleepwear, loungewear, denim, and clothes for certain occasions (business casual, beach, formal, etc). I'd really like to get rid of the stupid dual rack I currently have and get something sleeker, like this one from Ikea. I want to have a wardrobe full of great basics, and shoes and accessories that last for many years. Decided to go on a shopping ban till I get rid of a ton of stuff. Only exceptions- undergarments, as I just tossed a ton out and bras and panties are sort of essential.

Anyway...back to the main reason for this post. I can't wait to wear these!

Q: Oooo what do we have here?

A: Badass boots.. mmmgiggidy!

Sorry Alex but I'm not really a fan of the new Noemis. They're cute but they're not lizard-effect leather like these bad girls!

This may be strange to say but I almost never get stuff in season. While I understand getting something before it sells out, it's a huge waste of money to pay full price for something when you can save A LOT and have money to put toward other things if you just wait. I often get very lucky, for example have never paid full price for a T by AW classic tee or tank in as staple a color as black, white, or charcoal.. I hold out all the time and am able to get most of the pieces I want at a deep discount. Even if I do miss out, something else will come along, no big deal. Wearing something the second it comes out so so people can ooo and ahhh about how "in the moment" I am is not my priority. I just want to enjoy great design at a reasonable price..aka not go broke over something that will eventually drop in price & have more money to, you know, eat yummy food, buy gas, and pay my rent like a normal person haha. More power to you if you have the money to spare, but trying my luck at the end of (or after) the season just makes more sense for me.

Also arrived yesterday- this amazeballs cape/bubble-hem dress. Was scared a size 6 would be too large (as I go between 4 and 6 depending on brand) but it is perfect. Tried taking photos of it but frankly it looks like a big blob on the hanger or lying flat. I'm planning on wearing it when I see Lang Lang perform in May, I'll take photos then :)

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