28 March 2012

Arrived this afternoon, the newest addition to my Wang family: the Liu heeled sandal from Fall '11 (click to see full shoe collection). Wanted to get them during Barney's big winter sale but waited too long and lost out. Thought they were gone forever when they suddenly showed up on the website. I remember thinking it was some kind of glitch when I saw the Anais pumps, because they were gone as fast as they popped up. I didn't even check the product page for the Anais, but did when I spotted the Lius a couple days after that..and boy am I so glad I did, because they were exactly my size. There was no way I was letting them slip through my fingers a second time. It's funny because I continued to think it was a glitch, even as I added the item to my bag, and throughout the checkout process. I was fully expecting an e-mail saying "I don't know how you purchased these, they've been out of stock for months!" But I didn't, and here they are..so yay.

Lately I've been addicted to the sci-fi Xbox360 game Mass Effect. I could totally see myself (as the female, Asian Commander Shepard) wearing these at Flux on the Citadel. Yes, I speak Geek and am proud of it :)

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