05 March 2012

Latest obsession: Niels Peeraer

Based out of Paris, he is a June 2011 graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. Another excuse for me to re-visit Belgium.

I really want to take summer classes at CSM. They have this 6-hour a day, 1 week fashion illustration course I want to take that costs less than a pair of designer heels on sale. Not to mention their campus (moved to King's Cross) is BADASS. Thinking not this summer because of the Olympics, but maybe next would be a good time.

Sorry, getting off track- back to Niels Peeraer and his gorgeous leather accessories... 

FW2012: The snake and the lotus, the curse of the white fox

Master's collection: Guess technology isn't ready for pancake teleportation

3rd year Bachelor's collection: Kizokusyakai no dorei ("Enslaved by the aristocracy")

But seriously, I have never felt more like I've wasted all this time at DAAP than I do right now >< Sorry that I'm not sorry about having just said that. 

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