07 March 2012

Product Construction, Spring Qtr 2012: Final skirt project

Did a slim knee-length pencil skirt out of black taffeta. Originally wanted it higher-waisted and mid-length with a cutout but was told to just simplify it. Oh well, what matters most is getting good at the techniques. Someday I'll make the skirt I designed, once I've advanced enough. Didn't do too bad, considering it was my first time making something tailored-ish, and working with taffeta... (Ugh, starting to sound like Anya.)

Hong Kong seam finish

Tunnel-stitched hem

Faced waistband (interior)

Waist (exterior)

Invisible (for the most part) zipper

What was most terrifying about this was that I had to be super careful and get it as right as possible on the first try, because I only bought a yard and a half of fabric. I know, I could have gotten more, but had reached my limit for the amount of money I was willing to spend on this class. Seemed like I was at the fabric store every other day getting something. $2.50-15 for this or that might not seem like much for each item, but that s*** adds up!

Anyway, figured I'd take a few photos before I wear it to class today (required). I'm just assuming it isn't very structurally sound and will fall apart after a few wears. I'll be surprised if it makes it through one ^^;

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