24 March 2012


Had Saturday lunch with my man at Maggiano's Little Italy. This Italian chain practically gives food away! They have this special where, for $40, you get an appetizer, 2 entrees, a huge-ass dessert...and wait, that's not all- 2 entrees to go ("compliments of the chef," as it says in the menu haha). FOUR entrees total. Holy moly. I don't understand how a restaurant can afford to do that. It was really tasty and will feed us for the next 2 days.

Anyway, here's what I wore:

sweater: Helmut Lang- Got from Neiman Marcus, it just arrived today :)
tank (worn underneath): XXI
leggings: XXI
bag: Deux Lux
watch and bracelet (peeping through): Seiko and Alexander McQueen
flats: vintage Ferragamo

And while we were there, took a little look around the mall. I so rarely go on Saturdays that I forgot how insane it is. I do most shopping online, but when I do shop in person, I prefer going on weekday nights about an hour before close. Went to H&M to look for white jeans, and found this instead:

A black pleather pleated mini skirt! It was the only one left, just my size, and much too adorable to pass up. I still had $12-something  left on my gift card, bringing it down to just $14-something..woohoo! Looked really good with the sweater I wore today, and I can see it looking amazeballs with my Noemis. Besides how cute it is on, my favorite part about this skirt is touching it while wearing it.

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