02 April 2012


Went to church, did some shopping on American Apparel, and made lunch for my man- a simple spaghetti dish with grated Parmesan cheese and a sort of cold Italian tomato-red onion salad on top. Yum!


My man's foot- jeans: H&M, slip ons: Keds.

Then met up with my friend Noemi and did a little shopping, not for clothes but for beauty. 

Mentha lip shine: Ultra, Mentha lip shine: Cinnamint, and liplicious. Strawberry Lollipop

Stocked up on these, since my tube of mentha lip shine is just about out. For some reason C.O. Bigelow and the lipgloss brands sold at Bath & Body Works are the only ones I've tried that work well on and improve my lips. Aside from Alba Botanica lip balm, other conditioning/moisturizing lipglosses and balms cause my lips to peel and do icky things once the gloss or balm dries out. Absolutely no idea why. It was buy 2 get 1 free, so for my third one decided I'd try a sheer, shimmery magenta. 

Foubert's Place (cool grey-khaki) and Heathrow matte (camel).

Scored these nails inc. London polishes at Sephora. I checked the official site (UK), and wow, these polishes normally run £11 ($17.59) a bottle. It seems very strange to me why it would be cheaper in the US. I got them on sale for $4.25 (£ 2.66) each, but even so, normal price is $9.50 (£ 5.94). Still significantly cheaper than in the UK. I always thought brands were typically cheaper in their home country. PS- how funny that my wand remote should make an appearance in a photo of British nail polish..

After getting back, James and I had our usual Sunday walk to Coffee Emporium, watched a couple episodes of Parenthood, and finally Mad Men. 'Twas a very nice day indeed. Sundays are always nice- a perfect end/beginning to my busy weeks. I'm always sad for them to end :(


  1. I love those mentha lip glosses too! They really are the best. :)

    1. Love em, they help minimize even the worst onion breath..in terms of smell to your own nose, that is.