14 April 2012


Hung out with a friend in the downtown area- Findlay Market mainly. Weather was crap but it was a great time. We had a scrumptious lunch at Pho Lang Thang, wandered around a bit, and headed into downtown to see what Saks had to offer. I hadn't been there in years, mainly because the workers there are unjustified snobs. Frankly their selection is really lacking, but that can't be helped- it's all about local demand, and sadly not many people around here want Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang, Rick Owens, or Margiela among many others :( This is why I do most of my shopping online. The only in-person shopping I do is at H&M, XXI, Target, and a few other stores. On the bright side the workers were very nice this time. Evidently they hired a lot of new people since last time I was there, but also my friend is a frequent customer.

One interesting thing we learned is that Chanel boutiques within Saks are jacking up the prices of the 2.55s. Word is Chanel is trying to make it into the new Birkin, as in impossible for most people to get. Before the jumbo was $4300, and now it's like $5000. Who knows what it will cost by the time I break down and get one. I sort of respect that though, because right now it's like everyone and their mama's got one. I personally like the mini one, I'm only 4'11" so it's just my size. I've seen the 2.55 jumbo look great on other people, but the smaller it is the easier it is to pair with evening wear. Still, the mini in the $2000 range.

Oh and in case you were wondering, I did not get anything except a $2 bar of handmade Sunny Lemon soap from Betina Natural Skin Care @ Findlay, which I actually needed because I had just run out of body wash. It was 50% off and smells so good, not too lemony. I'm thinking I will go back and buy up more of her stock- she's discontinuing it because she was unsatisfied at the lack of lemon. For me it's perfect because I like to wear scented lotion or perfume, and a light lemon scent is perfect when you just get out of the shower. Any stronger and people will think I spilled wood cleaner on myself.

Goi Cuon // Pho Bo trimmings // Pho Bo (before) // Pho Bo (after) // Goi Bap Cai @ Pho Lang Thang. Their broth is SO good. I'd eat here every day if I could! Next time Imma try a sandwich~

Not sure what kind of plants but they look very Ghost Plant-ish // Cacti @ Zinn's Buy the Bunch.

Studded mesh pumps, Valentino // Peep toe bow pumps, Valentino @ Saks. Cute but not really worth the $1000 price tag. Those bow pumps are darling but I like Carvela's version better. Not only the colors (turquoise or white)  but the price.

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