25 June 2012

Got this on Sunday. Twice. I went back to the bookstore a few hours after getting the first one, to exchange it for one in better condition. Don't even get me started. Just know a couple things: I am beyond OCD about the condition of items when I buy them, especially magazines..doesn't matter if it's $4 or $40. Manhandling my things is a sure way to get on my shit list.

So here's my game plan for next time- I will hold the magazine while they scan, and ask them to hand me the bag so I can bag it myself. I'd rather be thought of as insane than have to make repeat trips due to careless/thoughtless cashiers.


  1. Bitch, you need to calm down over this!! Man's just trying to do his job without your crabby pants being all OCD.

  2. I AM calm. Also, I wasn't crabby till he came along. These magazines are collector's items to me, just like Mondo posters are to you- I like them to handled carefully and not bent at all.