14 July 2012

Friday the 13th

After my latest online shopping experience, I am officially superstitious about Friday the 13th.

*WARNING: exhausting post ahead*

For the past couple weeks I'd been lusting for Alexander Wang's black Danicas on Lane Crawford. When I first started they were 40% off. I would check it every day to make sure my size was still available, crossing my fingers that they would soon fall even lower in price. I forgot to check yesterday and then remembered at like 11:40pm. They'd fallen to 59% off! I was like OMGIGGITY, add to bag, checkout, submit... I ran to the other room to tell my man, who didn't care in the least. My heart dropped as soon as I got back to my laptop. PAYMENT UNSUCCESSFUL-ERROR. What?! Submit again. ERROR. No f***ing way- all my info is correct and I have an available balance of a lot! Submit again. "Your account has been suspended for an unspecified reason. Call this number to complete order. Here is your Shopping Cart number...." At least the call was free, or so I hope. The guy didn't know why my payment wasn't going through, so he said he'd unlock it so I could try again, and that it would be available in ten minutes. He also suggested I call my credit card company- perhaps there was some sort of restriction on international purchases. Okay. I called my credit card and there was a 7 minute wait for the next operator. While I was on hold, I logged into my account to try again. "Wow," I thought, "unlocked faster than expected." A message from my shopping cart pops up: "36.5 unavailable- either it is reserved by another customer or recently sold out, therefore it has not been added to your bag. Shopping cart-0 items." NOOOOOO!!!!! You have got to be s***ing me!!!!!! So I hung up on the credit card company. Went in to tell my man the sad news. He seemed sympathetic. Went back to the living room and kept trying to add it to my bag, in hopes that whoever reserved them would change their mind. After many times of trying and getting the same message and then another message from my shopping bag saying "NO STOCK," I gave up. Then sat there for a few minutes, debating whether or not to try my luck on the size 36 and return them if they didn't fit. Even went to my closet to try on one of my many pairs in size 37. "There's room...." Tried on my Dalane sandals (also by Wang), which I got in size 36.5. For a half size they fit very much like my size 37s. "There's room here too...hmmmmmm......." In the end decided against it. It would be a huge waste of money if they didn't work out, with shipping costs from Hong Kong + taxes/duties. Now this is after midnight (= the 14th). 12:16am: Called my credit card company anyway, to lift the ban on international purchases- that way I wouldn't have this issue again. Turned out the reason my payment didn't go through is exactly what the guy (at Lane Crawford) said. So I had the flag lifted. Cleared my browser and logged into Lane Crawford again. Suddenly my bag popped up, with the size 36.5s in it. WHAT?! No message this time saying they were unavailable, reserved by anyone else, or out of stock. Went through the checkout process- the whole time thinking "Whaaaaat???" Submit.................. 12:23: Order confirmed. Sweet success! It seems they were reserved in the system by me. And now they're mine for real. But yeah, that was really bizarre how they popped back up. I so thought they'd been sold out as I was trying to resolve the payment issue.

Update 2:51am: Just got an e-mail from Lane Crawford's Customer Care team. The Danicas have a few scratches in the leather, so they offered to take an additional 10% off! HELLS YEAH! I can forgive a few scratches for an additional discount.

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