20 July 2012

T by Alexander Wang (Aubergine) 7/20/12

From left to right: Classic pocket muscle tee, Long sleeve draped dress, Sleeveless draped dress, Classic pocket tee 
(all T by Alexander Wang)

And with the sleeveless dress and classic tee I purchased yesterday, my Aubergine collection is complete. Normally I stick to 2-3 items per color (except for black of course) but I love this color. Olive green and taupe better watch out, they have some competition! Just kidding, there's plenty of me to go around :)

So, yup... I'm done spending for the month. My man and I have been doing pre-marital counseling (suggested by our pastor) and as a result of our session on budgeting, I've agreed to cut back on shopping. The deal is this: if I spend over $200 a month I have to be extra good for the next month or two. It's not that I buy a lot of things, it's how much each thing costs. I'm fine when it comes to apparel- it's the shoes that do it. Good thing I'm not a handbag fiend as well. That would be really bad. We want to save for a house, a kid (not now but eventually), a new car for me because mine sucks, my student loans, etc. I'm proud to say that I'm $150 down in my fashion spending from last month, so that's a start. Married life is going to be interesting...

One thing I can do to help is sell, sell, sell. Look for more listings on my eBay soon! Sorry for the shameless plug but seriously..show some love by helping my unused items find loving homes!

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