30 August 2012

Arrived yesterday- the SS11 Haider Ackermann sandals I scored from YOOX.

First saw them 3-4 weeks ago and couldn't believe my eyes- not only are they from one of my all-time favorite spring collections, but were only $185. Yet I was looking for reasons not to get them because I wanted to be good. My godmama reminded me that I already have Zara's basic sandal in black (a very similar silhouette). I was cool not owning them, but they were never far from my mind- mainly because they were the last pair..which reminds me- thanks, YOOX, for reminding me about them every couple days. Normally I just ignore those emails, but last Friday or Saturday I noticed that they fell an extra $20. I re-watched the runway show on YouTube, and there was no more resisting. It was fun to see how many looks that were paired with these- not only in black but in yellow, red-orange, and leopard print, and I think green (it's hard to tell from the photo). They're so versatile. Now that I'm married I have to be considerate about my spending. My purchases have to make some sense. No more purchasing shoes just to have them. The way I see it, the 4.3-inch Zara sandals are for more every day use, and the Haider Ackermanns for more special occasions. Just in case something happens to my Zara sandals, I'll have a backup pair!

They look even better in person than online. I love how the heel looks broad from the side, but like a thin stilleto from the back. Hopefully wearing them won't make me want to chop my feet off.

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