02 August 2012

Damn it Zara! I've succumbed to the power of the peplum. Lots of great new arrivals, but here are my top two:

I don't think I'll be getting that dress, as much as I love it. The look can be DIY'ed pretty easily. 

That coat, however... 

I'm trying my best to control myself. I doubt I'll be able to resist for much longer but at this rate the choice will have been made for me. It's an amazing looking coat at an unbelievable price and is selling out really fast. 

Why do they keep modeling stuff with those shoes? I adore them but they're no longer available online!


  1. I like peplum too! I don't actually own any and would be a little afraid to wear it...but I think it's really cute.

  2. Let me know your favorite colors and your sizes- I will keep an eye out for peplum tops/dresses that I think would look cute on you :)