29 August 2012

For my first day of class I wore a T by Alexander Wang tank and skirt, Cooperative sandals, and a black rayon fringed scarf of an unknown brand. 

Class was good- very informative, lots of seemingly nice people. Best of all I really like my professor. But there is one thing that gets under my skin every time. We were doing introductions and there were several who said "I like/love all art." Really? I'm a 4th year art history student. I've enjoyed what I've studied so far.. I like a lot of different kinds of art.. but do I like/love all art? No. It's like jumping the gun at telling someone you love them. I get being passionate but it just doesn't make sense to say such a thing, when there are other (darker) sides that have yet to be seen. Unless you have seen them and still love all art, in which case more power to ya :)

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