21 August 2012

It's been a month and a half since I moved, and I'm finally ready to show you some photos of the new-ish place! As I said, my favorite thing about it is the lighting, so I woke up early to get some good snaps. Prepare for a pretty long post.

Second bedroom, reading nook: Melt Banana poster by PHF Design, Ikea lamp, Urban Outfitters chair, faux fur blanket, and an inconveniently placed Buddha head.

Ikea bookshelf/work space combo with various books, various trinkets (from my travels, souvenirs from friends, sentimental items, and found objects), a Munny James did for me (see the nerdy boy dressed up as Totoro), a Momiji (= message doll), and a baby photo of James. 

Hanging above our guest bed is this Drive poster by Ken Taylor (Valentine's Day gift from James). You can rest easy knowing that a hammer-wielding Ryan Gosling is there to protect you. 

Crispy, Onigiri Man, and Moo- residents of the guest bed. I think it's pretty obvious which name goes with what. James got Crispy on his summer 2008 Japan trip, and I got Moo on my winter 2008 Japan trip. Onigiri Man was one of my first gifts from James. The duvet cover is by Ikea- I love that print but sadly it has been discontinued for a while now, so there's no replacing it if something happens to this one. He's had it since before we started dating 3.5+ years ago.

The view from our living room window. From time to time I wonder if our neighbors can see into our apartment. Hope not!

"The Girl with the Mask," one of our many wood carvings by Gramps (= James' grandfather on his mom's side). He typically does gnomes, vikings, and lately mysterious women. When we asked him how he decides what to carve into each piece of wood, he responded that he just goes with the flow. He carves with the wood, until a face appears. No two carvings are alike, and it's really neat how each face truly suits the wood type used. Family members are always asking for (or simply taking) his carvings. I've been pretty lucky in that I manage to call dibs on the ones I really want.

Living room. Tron and Tron: Legacy posters by Martin Ansin (my Valentine's Day gift to James this year). Ikea loveseat and shag rug.

The view from the kitchen window, and ceramic tea cups I made.

Taken in the living room, looking into the breakfast nook. Ikea shelf (part of the EXPEDIT series- available in stores but not online), with various trinkets (the wooden pipe is from Amsterdam, the rest are thrift store, estate sale finds, or items handed down to me), various  DVDs, one of Gramps' more unusual carvings, and a Tara Donovan book. That shell casing in front of the vintage clock radio is a reminder of how I got the scar on my left hand- a little mishap at the targeting range. Ikea workspace used as a table + chairs, and Urban Outfitters rug.

Our breakfast nook. Vintage Japanese scarf used as a table runner, Yankee Candle Company candle holder + "Two Peas in a Pod" salt and pepper shakers (gifts from my mother-in-law), stainless steel syrup dispenser, tile coasters from Urban Outfitters, vintage woven place mats + vintage bamboo/woven food tray (were my grandmother's on my dad's side), and some type of Ghost Plant. Looks a lovely shade of green now but turns a sweet pale purple when it gets cold out.

In the bathroom. Earrings: vintage, bracelet: Alexander McQueen. Mine, which is in brass with gold crystals, is no longer available but the same style in different materials/color crystals can be found here.

The view from within the tub. Tranquil natural lighting. The frosted privacy curtain isn't necessary, but it is nice to have.

The master bedroom, which you might recognize from my outfit posts. 13 Assassins poster by Vania Zourovliov. We LOVE screen-printed poster design, especially those produced through Mondo.

Some of James' oldest friends encased in pillow cases I made, Mr. Sheep, and some of my oldest friends. The pillow cases may have changed but he's had those pillows since he was teeny tiny, that one in the yellow case since birth. Mr. Sheep was an Easter gift from my dad. I've had the bear since I was 7, the tiny bunny since I was around 3, and the pink puppy was a gift from my friend's dad on my winter 2008 Japan trip. Ikea bed frame and patterned duvet cover set.

At the foot of our bed. My dear SS12 Danica heels sitting next to the Ikea storage locker that holds all of my pajamas.

As you can see we did a fair amount of our shopping at Ikea, both when we had our own apartments and together. The radiators limited where we could put things, but I think we made do pretty well. The living room setup is very close to how I had it set up at my old place. And lastly... please forgive the name dropping- I didn't mean to come off as boastful or obnoxious, I just wanted to be descriptive. 


  1. You've got such a lovely home, but my favourite part is your plushies!! I can't help squealing when I saw Mr. Sheep and Crispy. You're making me want to settle down and have my own home now.

    1. aww thank you! yeah james and i have a serious soft spot for toys like handpainted munnies and momiji dolls, or really cute stuffed animals. the rounder their bodies and the beadier the eyes, the better :) i'll be sure to tweet you a couple photos of toys that didn't make it into this post- you will die when you see the mickey mouse plush i got at nagoya airport!

      the image of you sqealing to my plushies is too funny. actually, we only rent our apartment. we really lucked out on paint color. our dream is to design and build our own home- which means i have to cut back a lot on spending. we'd love a modern japanese style home with a sick courtyard in the middle. doubt it will ever happen but it's nice to dream.

      when i imagine your living space, i see mostly white and glass with accents of black, gunmetal, exposed mineral rocks, minimalist silver sculptures, tall stacks of fashion books and magazines...and museum-like displays of your rick owens footwear :)

    2. That... was just uncanny. Yes I have imagined a very minimalist design for my home, mostly because I love space. But at the same time I've thought of setting aside a room for gilded opulence from Versace and Missoni to indulge the other side of me that's verging on gaudy, which would clash so badly with the rest of the house, LOL.

      Thing is, my boyfriend and I, we both have our own collections of plushies. Beneath this Rick-covered posterior of mine, I am a softie who hugs a raccoon and a penguin to sleep. Okay I might have just officially shattered my 'cool' steez. Bwahahaha.

      No seriously, I grew up with Hello Kitty and the lot, and not ashamed of it one bit. Would love to see more of your collection. Like you said, the fatter the better :D

    3. perhaps instead of a single, gaudy room, you could do gaudiness in little doses via the use of rugs, chairs, lighting, or sculptures?

      awww! i used to have a penguin, till my pet bunny gnawed the tip of his beak off. i felt really bad but had to discard him- the penguin, not the bunny^^;; that's how bad the damage was. i don't know why, but i feel like a total shithead when i let go of a stuffed animal for any reason- like i'm putting it down even though though they're not really alive..or, if i donate them, like i'm subjecting them to a life of physical abuse at the hands of some dumbass kid. i think i've seen the 'toy story' movies one too many times.

      hah! you haven't shattered anything. as far as i'm concerned you're still a badass :) i can imagine you roundhouse kicking someone in the face if they dared mess with your plushy collection.