14 August 2012

Tonight's the first time I'm seeing my stepdad, not only since the wedding but since he got out of the hospital, so I thought I'd dress up a little :) 

I'm wearing a black maxi dress by Cheap Monday- front half belted, a black leather belt worn backwards (this is what it looks like worn normally), and black suede flatform sandals (which you cannot see because the dress covers them- as seen here). 

Normally I'm fine using my iPhone, but it's entries like this -where I'm trying to show off a sweet racerback- that make me want to get one of those hardcore cameras that come with a tripod. It took forever just to get a decent photo! 


  1. Oh damn that is one hot dress! Hello Mr. Sheep.

  2. aww thanks! mr. sheep: "why hello to you too, pretty lady..."