09 September 2012

Alexander Wang SS13

Not one of my favorite collections from him, but it was good. The deconstruction was pretty cool but extremely similar to Versace SS11 (see looks 2 and 12). Annoying that some photographers are jackasses and broke the no-flash rule, pretty much ruining the Tron-like effect of the finale (begins at 6:52). 

I might be one of few people who didn't care for this collection's footwear. I get what he was trying to do with the sandals but they were very poorly designed That T-strap seems really impractical, most of all uncomfortable-looking. The thought of a jammed middle toe is enough to keep me from buying these. The straps have to be close-fitting to look good, but then you get a smushed foot and/or toes hanging off the side. My second issue is with that top strap, which looks silly. Like a sock garter with no purpose. The worst thing about them is that it cuts the leg at the middle, taking away from the elongating effect of those two high slits. My solution would be to take away that T-strap, and add a couple straps along the calf. It would make a lot more sense with the black boots, which were fine... but I wasn't blown away by them.  

The accessories weren't much better. What's with the netted bags? They look... how's a nice way to put this... not good. The box-bottom netted bucket reminds me of the gift bag that came free with a Tommy Girl fragrance purchase I made back in 1997. Please don't become a thing.  

It's surprising, because there's usually at least one shoe or bag from Alexander Wang that I really want to get. This time, it was a dress... that I could probably DIY. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a fan. It just wasn't the standard I've come to expect from him. 

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