28 September 2012

long sleeve draped dress: T by Alexander Wang
leggings: H&M
motorcycle boots: Big Buddha

After searching forever for a cute pair at a price I liked (as in not $100+ or even $50+), I found those boots at Goodwill for $12. Not really sure why I didn't want to spend much on motorcycle boots but I'm glad I held out. I am weird like that. There are things I won't spend more than x amount on- leggings, ribbed tank tops, hoodies/sweatshirts, jackets, simple pumps, flat shoes of any kind, and handbags. Yet I'll spend such-and-such on the most random things. The concept of budget flies out of the window if I see something I like by Alexander Wang or his T line on sale. I think everyone has a brand they're like this with. But when it comes to other designers it takes weeks, sometimes months, of thinking and the item falling even further in price.

Anyway... this is what I wore to see Fred in the ICU yesterday. Surgery went very smoothly, which is awesome, but he is currently suffering from what appears to be ICU psychosis. As if this poor man hasn't already been through enough. I worry and pray for him. I'm sure he'll be fine but it's really hard to see him like this.

Remember those stepsisters I mentioned? Get this- after an aggressive attempt at pushing my mom out of his life, they are now expecting her to take him home and care for him. By herself. Five words come to mind: You've gotta be kidding me.

Frankly my mom has been a shitty person in the past, to me and to Fred, but over the past several days it has taken everything in me not to react to the stepsisters and the horrible things they say, call them out on their bull, or be really sarcastic. Because I know it leads to getting yelled at and possibly kicked out. What those two have done is much worse than anything I've seen her do and that is saying a lot. They've been bullies and snakes. Sucks that people like this exist, and that I am connected to them in any way. I hope Fred comes to his senses very soon.


  1. Hey Camille, sorry to hear about your nasty step-sisters (and your ill step-dad). They sound like some evil villains you can only find in movies!!

    On a slightly more cheerful note, those boots could have passed off a pair of Junyas. Love 'em!

    1. I never thought I'd be forced into a situation with such awful people. By no means is my mom a good guy- she's as crazy as they are, they're just a lot sneakier about it in that they never act up in front of Fred. They act like angels to him and kiss up to the nurses, and terrible to anyone they can't benefit from. At least my mom is indiscriminately bitchy ^^;;

      I had to stand up for myself the other night, when one of them -no joke- called my workplace, demanding that i LEAVE WORK to "find [my] f***ing mother," and screamed at me when I said I couldn't. It was crazy busy and I was in the middle of multiple tasks. Taking/making personal calls during a shift is frowned upon. When I hung up on her, she called back a couple minutes later and bitched out my coworker. I went to the hospital later that night, Fred was ok. He'd been calling out for my mom is all. I figured it couldn't have been that much of an emergency since they never told me what was wrong. Those two are insane. They enjoy the drama and making people feel bad.

      Aww thanks! Yeah, they're kinda like these aren't they- http://tokyofashion.com/stylish-japanese-couple-junya-watanabe-boots-harajuku/ These boots are missing their 3rd strap, but it's all good. I like them a lot better with just the 2. The straps are not attached to the boots, so I could strap it up toward the top (like the Junyas) if I wanted to :)