25 September 2012

necklaces: thrifted
kinetic jersey long sleeve: HELMUT
asymmetrical bra (barely visible): Helmut Lang
harem pants: H&M
mesh flats: Cheap Monday

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you might remember that I got that HELMUT top for $25 from Moda Operandi. In case you don't, I got a $100 credit last season for being one of their founding members. Last time there was no minimum purchase, but for SS13 you have to spend at least $150. It's ok though, I'm sure I'll find something to use it on. Pretty sure the FW12 credit expired within the week they sent them out. This season it expires on December 31. Not a bad trade off if you ask me :)

So yeah... HELMUT kinetic jersey is nowhere near as soft as Helmut Lang threadbare, and does not drape as well as my other, Helmut Lang version in black tissue wool. To me it is not worth $125, but for $25 it is marvelous.

Please pardon the poor image quality. I updated to IOS 6 and did not allow Instagram access to my photo album at first. The result was that my phone didn't save the photos I took this afternoon, and you can't "save image" via Instagram. It was frustrating but I managed to save the photos to my PC by sending myself the sharing link, screen grabbing, send them back to my phone, save + edit on my phone, then send them back to my PC so I could upload them to this post. Sheesh.

The latest update on Fred: He did not get surgery today because of the results of Monday evening's MRI and needing to drain the fluids in his back. I'm guessing he got that done today, because he has been cleared and the open heart/valve replacement surgery will happen at 8:45am tomorrow morning. Whatever your belief system, please send a prayer or good vibes his way.. or at least my way since you have a face to think of, and then I will pass them on to him. Merci d'avance~

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