09 September 2012

sunglasses: vintage
bracelet (barely visible): Alexander McQueen
bra (maybe a little too visible): Aeri
shirt: Gap
jeans: H&M
sandals: Cooperative

Me, doing the "Oh good! I still have feet!" blogger pose. It is sometimes known as the "I've thought about it, and yes, these shoes are worth eating 20 cent ramen.... every day... for a year." You know, that moment right before you step outside, rendering that $500+ pair non-returnable. Partial lists of typical blogger poses here and here on Not So Lonely Londoners. This one is not on either, but it should be.

After you've laughed your socks off, I hope you'll click on Stu's home page link and read his other entries. He's really honest and has interesting opinions about whatever topic he's writing on. I've unfollowed a lot of blogs (or check them a lot less regularly) for the reasons he has brought up in several of his posts. See entries tagged "fashion bloggers," "fashion," or "blogging." Glad to know I'm not alone. I just don't have the mad writing skillz, or the balls, to articulate those feelings. He also offers really helpful advice. For example, on making time for yourself away from technology and social media.

So yeah. Our mail man must have been on crack...that or had someone filling in for him on Friday. We are #1 on our street, which is on the end, closest to the square... but we got all of #4's (and even some of #5's) mail. Like "F*** this. Imma put all of this mail in their box, and they can walk it up the street for me." On the bright side, it was a really nice walk- our first time since we moved in. We had a big storm on Friday night, resulting in perfect weather all weekend- mid 70s and sunny :) It's supposed to get warm again later in the week, which I'm not looking forward to, but it's ok. Fall is just around the corner.

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