29 September 2012

Third time's a charm

Just in.

shorts: Alexander Wang

Ok I lied, not just in. They arrived last Monday.

Lost out on these a couple times... but they are finally mine. ALL mine! Many thanks to whoever bought and returned them. I practically blacked out the second I saw them pop back up on The Outnet- in my size, and $27.50 less than what they cost during the big sale. A few minutes (including size research) and several clicks later... the rest is history.

The leather is so soft and they fit perfectly. Here are the measurements in case you want to buy them from YOOX. Their sale price sucks but they have a size 6 left and I don't know where else you can get them. It's important you see the measurements, because Wang RTW sizing is strange. My favorite thing about NET-A-PORTER and The Outnet is that they include product measurements. I usually take size 6 in bottoms at H&M but am a size 0 in these shorts. I have a 26" waist and 37" hips.

You've gotta see this "Ask the Man Panel" on these shorts. Men are so mean >< I admit they look weird all by themselves, but super cute when styled right and worn in the right size. I have seen these and the fabric version worn a little baggy and I am not a fan- I prefer these shorts fitted. Click here for a terrible example of how to wear these, here and here for good examples, and here for an awesome example.

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