23 September 2012

What I wore yesterday to visit my stepfather, Fred, who has been in the hospital for the past few weeks.

silk polka dot shirt: vintage
silk slub maxi dress, tied in a knot: T by Alexander Wang
necklace: secondhand

The shirt was one of my stepdad's favorites. He hasn't worn it in decades, not much since his party-hearty days. I wore it to cheer him up, which it did, and because it's awesome :)

I bought that necklace 4 years ago at the Parco Nagoya Hanjiro, an enormous thrift shop with several locations throughout Japan. The plain side was facing out when I approached it on the jewelry stand. What a surprise it was to find the Our Father on the other side! In perfect english, in Japan. 

It was the perfect accessory for today, not just for him but for me as well. His cardiac catheterization is on Monday, his heart valve replacement on Tuesday. If that's not enough, my patience with two incredibly catty stepsisters is wearing thin. I'm trying to forgive their trespasses as He forgives ours but.. let me tell you, it's really difficult. Forget sarcasm or dry humor- I learned the hard way that it is the quickest way to get screamed and cursed at. And you can't tell them when they're treating you like crap, not even in a polite or calm manner. They'll rip your head apart for that too, call you selfish, and continue to treat you poorly for daring to bring it to their attention. Imagine spending hours a day for a week with people like this. Did I mention that they are in their early 40s and haven't seen me since I was in elementary school?

One of them in particular has something against fashion/style. At least once a day, I have the immense pleasure of hearing about how unimportant it is for her to wash her hair or change her clothes. She "compliments" people on their style of dress only to say mean things when they leave the room. She pulled that on me yesterday- I guess forgetting that she has done it in my presence. Apparently looking good means you are not devoted to Fred's swift recovery. It takes little to no time/effort for me at least, and Fred really seems to like it. If you were sick, wouldn't you rather be around people who are pleasing to the senses? My response to her "compliment" indicated that I knew exactly what she was doing, because she did not say anything today. 

I apologize for the sort-of rant, but I really enjoyed wearing this outfit and Fred got a kick out of seeing me in  his shirt. The point is for Fred's time in the hospital to be as calm and happy as possible and I'm glad if I could help in any way. Just stinks that she felt the need to rain on our parade, and that I leave every day with a tightness in my chest that takes hours to go away. 


  1. Well, I think your outfit is cute and awesome, so who cares what the step sisters think! (it's like you're Cinderella or something...) Your hair is getting so long too! I'll say a prayer for Fred....heart valve replacement is not fun, he's in for a bit of a painful recovery...but afterwards, I'm sure he'll be good as new!

    1. Aww thank you. I suppose it is like Cinderella.. but don't tell them that haha. Except I'm the youngest, don't wear rags, and thank GOD I didn't have to grow up with them. I did find my handsome prince, someone who loves me for some odd reason :) My plan of action: just let the haters hate and do everything I can not to say what's on my mind. It's difficult when they say stuff that often times doesn't make sense. Correcting them only leads to stress and trouble. There's not much else one can do about people like them.

      Yeah, Fred has a few more weeks of crap to go through before he's all better. He's on antidepressants now, which has helped A LOT. It's amazing how effective your mood can be in the recovery of one's strength- he has been able to sit up, eat and drink without feeling sick. It's awesome. He's getting his strength back on his left side, which he lost when he had a stroke last Sunday. The biggest concern is that he could have another one before Tuesday, but he seems to be doing great. Thank you so much, it means so much to me that you would take the time to pray for him.