19 October 2012

10.12-17.2012: Philadelphia, Day 1

Back in June-July, when James and his mom decided on a weekend for our wedding reception, we never imagined that Fred would fall ill. And when Fred fell ill, none of us imagined the drama that would ensue. Thankfully Fred's condition was greatly improved by the time we left :) Too bad the same thing can't be said about some people's attitudes. Fred seemed happy knowing that I'd be getting a well-deserved break from the stupidity. I saw him the day before we left, and he said "Have fun for me, baby." [Insert a major stink-eye from one of the evil stepsisters here.] Awwww! And I did. Maybe too much fun. I sorta ate myself sick ^^; You'll understand once you see all the yummy food photos.

Getting on our plane. // ring: Alexander McQueen // The sparkle of my engagement ring, looking all constellation-like. // The view as our plane made its descent into PHL. Before you say anything, my phone was in Airplane Mode! // Cute little girl at the airport with her equally cute brother, and grandpa.  // My man on the train. I was in another seat, charging my phone, and he just looked so cute over there...it was like falling in love all over again! *barf*  // One of my man's old art projects. // Buster!!!!! // Mom-in-law's homemade pizza. // Mom-in-law's belated Valentine's Day gift to us.  She offered to make a dessert for us and we gladly accepted. As per my request, a chocolate cheesecake with chocolate chips, an Oreo crust, and lots n lots of raspberries. // At Tim's.

Left in the morning and arrived by around lunch time. Cindy (sister-in-law) came over to say hello, and after dinner we hung out with Tim (one of James' childhood friends). Other than that it was just a day of relaxing at home. It's weird how exhausting even a short plane ride can be. 

Something about that fire reminds me of Ron Perlman....

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  1. Woooo! My patio made your blog! It was good to see you and James. Next time I see you two I will tell you all about my trip to Japan!