20 October 2012

10.12-17.2012: Philadelphia, Day 3

Was thinking I'd save Day 2 (day of the wedding reception) for the very end :)

On Sunday we had a "Second Sunday" church luncheon. It was a nice goodbye lunch to the Bacon (+ Quinto) clans. Relaxed at home, then went to Nick and Cindy's where we had Wawa (コンビニ) carryout and played Mario Kart on Wii. No joke, we lost every tournament we attempted. The expression on Roxy's face says it all- see below.

Look at all of that food! // Joel (father-in-law) mid-laugh. Jeff (Joel's sister's husband) on the left, and Nick (James' older brother) on the right. // Eliana (James' cousin's daughter). // I don't know how golf club memberships work but I suppose $495 for 2 years does sound unbelievable. // Driving to Nick and Cindy's. // Roxy.

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