22 October 2012

10.12-17.2012: Philadelphia, Days 4 and 5

Monday just hung out at home, going through James' old art projects and toys. I have never seen so many Beanie Babies! Then went to his high school, where both of his parents work, to drop off the car and visit some of his favorite teachers. Hung out at Nick and Cindy's and had Iron Hill Brewery for dinner. OMGiggity. If you ever get a chance, you must have their Philly Cheesesteak eggrolls with the creamy horseradish dip. I could eat them all day, every day. After that, we redeemed ourselves at Mario Kart :)

Tuesday we visited Grandmother and Gramps, to hang out and have their famous grilled cheese and milkshakes. Helped Grandmother organize her insane amount of fabric swatches. James and I met up with Cindy for coffee at the Keswick Cafe, where we had fun conversation and witnessed a very strange lady getting taken away by the cops. Had a really nice goodbye dinner with the parents-in-law, Nick, and Cindy. We ate ham, cheesy spaghetti, garlic green beans, a mushroomy salad, and the last of our belated Valentine's cheesecake.

Gramps made this guy, and named him Hans Master Spy and Schlock Butcher. // Color theory. // Wolverine, looking a lot like a kabuki actor doing the mie pose. // I call him "Oil Spill Crab" due to the dark tie dye. Poor little guy looks so sad! // Toad and Yoshi in Beanie Baby form. // A penguin + some more BBs. // Iron Hill dinner - the Smoky Blue Burger. // Can't wait to see this room next year. I love these cute little setups but the boys are all grown up and this room desperately needs a change. // Breakfast of  leftovers - pulled pork sandwich from Saturday's wedding reception, Philly Cheesesteak eggroll and sweet potato fries from the night before, with an fried egg on a bed of french fries. // Driving to Grandmother and Gramps'. // Mmmm brownies.... // Keswick Village - the view from the cafe. // Yummy ham dinner.

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