28 October 2012

Cold, windy day today. Good thing I wore this!

blanket scarf: handmade by my mother-in-law
knit: thrifted
tee and jeans: BDG
boots: Alexander Wang

James and I went to St. Vincent de Paul yesterday to look for Halloween costumes. He found the orange polo and khaki shorts he needed to dress up as Kip from Napoleon Dynamite, eventually winning the Best Costume award :) and deservedly so. Aside from looking dead-on Kip, he stayed in character all evening. It was hilarious -and very distracting- hearing him talk about normal things in that voice.

I didn't find anything... for Halloween that is. I of course ended up with items I would actually wear: a vintage short-sleeved suit dress with a Jean Paul Gaultier couture feel to it, and this baggy-sleeved knit. Almost didn't get the knit but it was too cute (and cheap at 25% off) to pass up. Total damage: $8.37. 

Now all I need are some shoulder-length black leather gloves to go with my new dress~

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  1. oh wow...I can totally see James at Kip! that's awesome!