12 October 2012

Just in: Beauty Edition

Intimate lipgloss, American Apparel
Passion LED lipgloss, Artistry
Vamp nail polish, Chanel

The American Apparel lipgloss, usually $12 each, was free thanks to an e-mail sent to those on AA's mailing list. All I had to do was show up, show them the e-mail on my phone, and give them my name. I'm sure it's to prevent people from abusing the offer. Boy was it hard to choose. I was torn between a few colors, mainly the neutrals, but it was the slightly darker shade of Intimate that won me over. I don't have anything else like it. Browse the whole collection here.

The LED lipgloss was a gift from my friend Marcus. He is an Amway salesman and I am his guinea pig :) My role is to test and review various cosmetics and skin products for him. This color, Passion, is a shimmery dark red. It only looks pink in the photo because of how it contrasts with the orange storage unit. Passion has a sheer, sparkling finish- not to be confused with glittery. It goes on sheer, layer for more color, and lasts a good amount of time before needing to reapply. Best part is that light (+ mirror located on the side)! It's perfect for dimly lit restaurants, lounges, or clubs. And pardon me for going this far, but imagine how handy this would be if you were in a really dangerous situation- for example locked in a trunk. Could be used to find the emergency trunk release. Convinced yet? I thought so. You can get it here.

Last but certainly not least, the re-issued Vamp nail color by Chanel- a gift from my darling, fashion-loving godmomma. She knows what I like! Vamp is not so much a wine color as it is a gorgeous blackened red with an extremely subtle silver shimmer. The original (released in the mid-90s) was a creamy blackened red, no shimmer- as seen on Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. Chanel still sells it, only they call it Rouge Noir. I personally like a little shimmer in my cosmetics. Either way, it's no wonder it always seems to be sold out at the local department stores. It's such a pretty color. Sheila said she snagged the last two. But guess what I found out? Chanel now offers free standard shipping on all orders, including nail colors. Sweet!
* Did you know? The inspiration for this color: dried blood. Muah-ah-ah-ahhhh....

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