27 November 2012

Arrived yesterday: the #1 item on my Margiela for H&M wish list.

You might be thinking "Arrived?"

The closest H&M that carries the collection is located 6 hours away in Chicago. That trip would have entailed catching the night bus, standing in line, braving the cold, dealing with people, and the possibility of it being sold out by the time it was my turn to shop. No way. I love it but not enough to go through that amount of hassle. So I went to eBay. Paid $20 above retail (including $5.50 S&H) but it was worth it. The way I see it, I saved money... and my friendship!

Let's say I had gone to Chicago. Aside from the $20-25 bus ticket, I would have paid $5.75 for a CTA 1-day pass, $20 to 40 including gratuity for a nice meal or two, and then $6-7 each on coffee drinks to keep me warm and awake throughout the day. I probably would have bought the Zara bag I have my eye on, or items 2 and 3 on my MMM x H&M wish list: the ginormous bum bag and nude plexiwedge pumps. In other words, this person saved me at least $50 and a boat load of time. So what if they made a few bucks? I got to oversleep and relax at home while they went through the trouble.

The best part is that I didn't have to annoy one of my good friends, who lives in LA. I asked him to check his local H&M, which he so kindly did. According to one of the employees the necklace had not come in yet. I'm fully aware of how I get when I set my sights on something- three words: ONE TRACK MIND. The obsessive side of me would have bugged him to check until it came in. Then the issue of him paying for it, everything that goes into sending it my way, and the process of paying him back. Too complicated. In a way eBay prevented me from acting like a crazy person, consequently saving my friendship :)


I don't know about you but I much prefer the reissue to the original. This one, in silver-toned metal with a distressed appearance, makes a lot more sense and -to me- looks better with monochromatic ensembles.

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