11 November 2012

It was 72F (22C) out today. I know what you're thinking- WTF, right? Weather in the Midwest USA is schizo. On the bright side it was the perfect temperature for this 

dress worn as a jacket: thrifted
jersey scarf: (don't know)
unisex see-thru tank: American Apparel
[now cracked] pleather leggings: H&M
boots: Alexander Wang

According to the tag, this is some sort of work dress uniform. Not sure for what profession but I like it. It's tailored and made really well, fully lined and composed of a wool blend. Best of all no crappy company logo in sight :) Got it the day James and I went to St. Vincent de Paul to look for Halloween costumes.. same day as that flannel-patterned oversized knit

Yesterday I noticed how interesting it looked worn open as a jacket. Close fit at the top, oversized at the bottom. Also looks quite nice with the collar popped up and laying across the chest with just the top button fastened. Will be sure to wear it that way next time. Today was just a little too warm for that. 

My man's reaction to my outfit: "You look like an evil doctor." What??? ^^;

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