07 November 2012

Just in: a couple sporty, black items in interesting textures.

sheer tulle bomber jacket: H&M
matte black watch: Nixon Time Teller P

Got the jacket on Sunday. Actually, it was a present from my mom. We went up to H&M for the 30% off ALL outerwear sale *excluding blazers and already reduced merchandise. After trying on several jackets, I landed on this one. I just loved the potential of layering over long sleeved mesh, open knit sweaters, or warm crewnecks in the winter, and over tanks, tees, or my Helmut Lang asymmetric bra in warmer months. Another incredibly versatile, black piece. Plus it reminds me of SS12 Junya Watanabe (look 17)..not to mention will pair awesomely with the Jil Sander down-padded top I scored at The Outnet's clearance sale. So anyway- it is not outwear in the typical sense but technically a jacket, and not a blazer or a reduced price item. One of the sales associates and I talked about this... he agreed that this should fall under the outwear sale. But we dealt with someone else at the register. She refused to give me a discount. I told her it is a jacket. Her response: "Yeah but that won't keep you warm." I said "Yeah but it is still a jacket, albeit not a warm one. It is neither blazer nor is it on sale." She refused again, said outwear = heavy winter coats (in that case, how come the faux leather jackets and vests were included?), then proceeded to try and convince me that it was a f***ing cardigan. WHAT? Don't try that with me. I really wanted to keep going but my mom insisted I forget about it and just buy the thing. I left the store happy to own this lovely jacket but really disappointed, because she should have saved $9.00. Not saying $9.00 is a lot but it's the principle. The terms of the sale event were clear, and that cashier had no right to refuse the discount based on her opinion of what a jacket is or isn't and then try to lie to me about the item. I forgot about it for a few hours only to think about it as I tried to fall asleep, leading to quite the Twitter rant. The next day, I called into H&M Customer Care, explained the situation, and got everything sorted out. The wonderful man I talked to (Omar) got all of my receipt information, filed a case against the cashier, and did research in the computer system. He also agreed that it should have been discounted, so did his coworker Reginald, and the refund (+ a coupon for my troubles) is being sent to me as we speak :)

Ordered the Time Teller P on Monday, using the store credit from the Stella sandals (click here to refresh your memory). I'd been looking for a black watch for ages and was just about to get the New Gent Black Rebel by Swatch, but then this popped up on The Outnet. I adore the matte black, it reminds me of Batman! And the totally flat face vs. the Black Rebel's slightly curved one. I wanted an oversized watch that wasn't a dive watch- as much as I like them on other people, they're just a bit too heavy looking for me. I was a little surprised at the silver hands but they look really nice, and in the end I am glad for them because they make the watch easier to read. I wore this to class tonight and enjoyed looking down at my wrist to check the time. Call me a dweeb but it's just so sleek.

I couldn't believe it when my hubby went down to check the mail and found two packages waiting for us. One was the adorable humifier I ordered Sunday afternoon, the other my watch! With packages arriving that fast, why on earth would anyone select 2-day shipping??? About the humidifier: I got the all white one, omgooo it's so cute- it has subtle orange text that happens to match my MALM storage unit, and a glowing green light that perfectly matches the stool we have it rested on. How perfect is that!

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