13 November 2012

Just in.

sweaters: H&M

Another gift from my mom, bought at H&M- this time at the buy one get one free all knitwear sale event. I was at the register, about to pay, when she asked how much they came out to. Next thing I know she's handing me money to pay for them! Awww...

Growing up, it was like pulling teeth getting her to spend time with me, let alone surprise me (again) like this. Has she really changed, or have the machines risen and replaced her with one of their own? ^^;;

I've always wanted a cream sweater but most of them look bad on me. Spotted this one hanging awkardly on the hanger and it was love at first sight. Tried it on and I couldn't believe how nice it looked. Borderline too bulky but the open knit keeps it light. I suggest getting it in your true size, by that I mean the size you would get in slim fit tops. I usually size up in sweaters (S-M, or 6-8) but this one looked great in an XS. Slim in the arms, relaxed in the torso, hits at the hip and slightly longer in the back. An amazing deal at just $14.95.

You might recognize the open knit from the Lana Del Ray campaign- not the one where she looks bored and confused, but the horrible one after that. Aren't spokespeople supposed to make things look better? On her it looks forgettable and cheap. This sweater looks way better in person- so much better that it didn't hit me till hours later. It's really warm and looks great layered over my T Alexander Wang slub tee in Desert.


  1. Lana Del Ray seems kinda fake to me. Those cannot be her real lips!

    1. I see LDR as the "Hipster Lady Gaga" - couldn't make it big the first time around, the way she normally looks, so she adopted an over the top image (in her case 1960s Americana) and goes by an equally over the top stage name.