18 November 2012

sweater: H&M
dress: T by Alexander Wang
tights: L'eggs
socks: (don't know - borrowed from my man)
boots: Marsell

Been wearing the Marsell boots every day since they came in on Thursday- I love them so much :) Need to take it easy though, I don't want to wear these babies out...

I was just thinking today about people who spend a lot of money on tights. The reason I can't comprehend spending a ton on nylons is because I always find a way to get a run in mine. I think the most I've ever spent was $15 on a pair from Urban Outfitters. The way I see it- $5 or $15, runs do not discriminate. Maybe one day I'll try Wolford tights, I hear they're awesome and worth the cost. Is this true, and do they ever go on sale?


  1. Love the neutral shades, and the boots too ;)

    No idea about Wolford, but I've resorted to thick tights which usually won't run easily.

    1. Thanks! A cheesey voiceover suddenly comes to mind- "This post made possible by The Rosenrot." It's funny, I have a stupid amount of black boots, but only one other pair of dark brown boots besides these.

      I hear Wolfords look great after many washes and feel really good on, but $50+ a pair seems a bit much. But then I think of all the money I've wasted on sheer tights. Opaque tights are great too, but sometimes you just want to show off a little more leg ^_~