06 December 2012

tiny hoop earrings: a gift from my paternal grandmother
hand knit scarf: made by my mother-in-law
wool coat: thrifted
woven belt: thrifted
printed babydoll dress: vintage (my mom's)
skinny jeans: XXI
wedge boots: Marsell

Went with Sheila to visit the Annie Leibovitz exhibition at the Wexner Center for the Arts. Many thanks to my dear Godmomma for a wonderful day >< 

I hope I didn't offend Sheila when I said "I always forget how long [Annie] has been around." I did not mean to make fun of anyone's age, I only meant to point out how terrible I am at recalling information. Just ask Professor Thomas- I cannot believe how poorly I did on my short essay final last night :( There were several portraits I completely forgot were taken by Annie, taken in the late 60s-early 70s. I made sure to take note of the ones I enjoyed so that I don't forget. My favorites, in order of appearance:

Louis Armstrong, 1971
John Lennon, 1970
Blood on a mission school wall in Rwanda, 1994
F-117A stealth fighter, 1991
Michael Jordan, 1991
William S. Burroughs, 1995
Pilgrimage series: Freud #1 (books on dreams and the psychology of sex), Virginia Woolf #6 (aerial view of a wooden table), Vanessa Bell #11 (room decorated in the Bloomsbury style), Abraham Lincoln #36 (his top hat), Annie Oakley #52 (heart target), Ralph Waldo Emerson #59 (hat sitting on what appears to be a peacock feather printed textile), Lewis and Clark #63 (compass used on their journey west), Julia Margaret Cameron #73 (camera lens)
Willie Nelson, 2001
Richard Avedon's sinar camera, 2001
R2D2, 2000

If I had to pick one favorite of the 200 images, it would be her portrait of Philip Johnson- fellow Ohioan and architect of the Glass House. I doubt most would pick that one, but something about elderly minimalist designers gets me every time ^^;; Not just architecture but design of any kind. Cute old people with brilliant creative minds and awesome taste in furniture... Awwww~

Afterward we headed over to Easton. Had lunch at Bon Vie, and made a quick stop at H&M. Their H&M is smaller but so much nicer. Brighter lighting and better organization. Ours is a hot mess most of the time. I'm tempted to apply for a job at H&M, partially for the employee discount but mostly to make some changes. Especially in the styling of mannequins.  

They didn't have Margiela but they do carry items from The Grey Concept, which was nice to finally see in person. Overall quality is quite nice. I nearly bought the $149 leather moto jacket. Loved its slim bracelet sleeves, matte black snaps, and thick textured leather. It is probably the only leather moto I have ever looked good in... but one of my biggest pet peeves are inexpensive-looking buckles, which it had. 

In the end I bought the DIVIDED quilted bomber jacket I've been thinking about for weeks now, and for 43% off. A "just in" post on that coming soon! 


  1. Sounds like a fun day! Have you been to the Herb Ritts exhibit at the art museum? I keep seeing it o the side of busses.

    I love Easton! Also, have you been to the H&M in Florence Mall? I went there recently and it was so much better than Kenwood- not a big mess, bright lighting...much more pleasant.

    1. It was :) Nope not yet. Would you want to go together? I have a take home exam due Wednesday, after that I'm done with school and will have loads of free time.

      I've never been to Florence Mall but have heard good things about their H&M. How often do you go down, and can I come with you next time?

  2. Sure! My friend Sadie asked about going just the other day too, so maybe she can join too. I am off the whole week after Christmas, so maybe we can go then? I am not sure how open during the day you are...

    and yes! I will let you know next time I go! One of my friends from college lives down there and I hang out with her about once a month. But I am happy to go any other time too!

    1. Aw man, James and I are out of town from 12/25-12/28. Would you be open to going on Saturday, or Sunday after church?

      Nice. After today I'll have a lot more free time :)

  3. hmm...yeah, Saturday or Sunday would be great!