11 January 2013

DIY bubble wrap clutch

Materials used:
- Bubble wrap packets (14" x 13.75" and 8.5" x 14.5") from Crate and Barrel. *My parents-in-law ordered us a boatload of dishes for Christmas. Besides wrapping them in A TON of paper, each dish was protected by these bubble wrap packets sealed on three sides. Bonus: no sewing required!
- Clear sealing tape (optional)

To make a clutch:
Fold the bigger packets in half.

To make a wallet:
Fold the narrower/longer packets into thirds.
Option #1. Slip everything into the end, fold, and fold again.
Option #2. For something a little more finished, fold the end with the opening in a third, tape the sides with clear sealing tape, then fold the other third down. Now you have separate pockets.

Note: The bag will get droopy without anything in there to hold its shape. This is where the wallet comes in handy. A small white notebook would look very nice situated right behind the wallet and provide additional support. For super support you could slip in a piece of thin plexiglass that has been cut to size. I highly advise against stuffing it too full or with anything heavy at the ends. Just the basics- sunglasses, lipstick or lipgloss, cell phone, money, house and car keys.

You can paint the bubble wrap, add a zipper, line with leather, whatever you want. It all comes down to personal preference and how much effort you feel like putting in.

And there you have it. Easiest DIY ever.

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