29 January 2013

Just in.


Missed the chance to get them for 61% off (at last summer's Barneys end-of-season sale) because I couldn't decide between black and burgundy. By the time I finally decided on black, they sold out of my size in both colors :( Hoped to see them on The Outnet or YOOX but never did. I'd already given up hope when they popped up on eBay, new in box, and funny enough with a Barneys sticker. I bet she got them on sale, due to the very reasonable starting bid. Paid a teensy bit more than I would have had I only decided quicker, but it's ok- I still saved 54% including S&H. A very small price to pay to have them now :) Lord knows I've saved so much on other things and have had incredible luck at thrift stores. It all balances out~

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