20 January 2013

MMM x H&M necklace
thrifted shirt dress
Givenchy pantyhose
Cheap Monday Form boots

Had a very successful trip to Urban Outfitters today. Like H&M, I only go when there's a promotion. This weekend through Monday it's an extra 50% off of all sale, in stores only. Got this dress for $9.99 (originally $69), these tights for $4.98 (originally $14), and a black slip dress for $0. Yup you read that correctly. I asked the manager how much it was and if I could buy it because there was no price tag or brand label. Seemed like it went under another dress but it was on its own hanger, no sheer dress in sight. He said "Know what? You can just have it." What?! I could not believe my ears. That has never happened to me before. Sweet! Whoever was straightening up must not have been paying enough attention. Their mistake + his awesomeness = my freebie :) Woohoo~

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