25 February 2013

First things first- everything I wore on the trip. Click on any image to enlarge/launch slideshow view.

Line sweater (borrowed from Sheila), Athena Procopiou "Fall of the Grey Diamonds" scarf, heather grey T by Alexander Wang tee, dark indigo J Brand jeans, leopard print H&M flats, and three bracelets. Starting from the wrist: gift from Lyn, [super old] bebe triple chain bracelet, and gift from Mariana.
Wore this on the flight. Something warm but not too warm, and most importantly comfortable. Thought I'd have to change into something else after landing but did not. We read it would be in the 50s but it was quite chilly, especially in the shade. I think we (or at least I) expected it to feel blazing compared to the at or below freezing Greater Cincinnati temperatures. That sweater was a lifesaver!

Line sweater, black James Perse tank, J Brand jeans (same as above), Louis Vuitton "Papillon" bag, and vintage nude snakeskin sandals. Same Jewelry as above.
Had a shower to freshen up and changed into this for dinner at Blue Plate Taco. Similar to the one on the left but with a Vuitton bag, vintage nude snakeskin sandals, and a boobylicious ribbed tank top ^^;; I swear that tank isn't usually that slutty-looking. It's probably because my arm was up, pressing against my chest. My only comfort about that photo is that my chest doesn't even compare to the insane boobyliciousness of Tamera Mowry at the Essence luncheon. Now those is some serious tatas. Good to know that that's what happens when you breast feed, James will really like that haha ^^;; Part of me worried that it wouldn't be warm enough, but it turned out to be the perfect decision, as we were seated on the patio and directly under a heat lamp. 


Line sweater, white Coincidence and Chance tanks, black H&M leggings, H&M flats, vintage woven leather belt, and a vintage eel skin purse. Jewelry is the same as Day 1 with the addition of a vintage Timex watch and ASOS long spike earrings.
Wore this to Jinky's Cafe. Comfortable for a morning walk and hearty breakfast.

Fora dress, Zara heels, and a vintage black snakeskin clutch with a jeweled closure. Jewelry: African bracelets borrowed from Sheila (were her mother's) and an Alexander McQueen double skull bracelet.
Wore this to the 6th Annual Essence Magazine Black Women in Hollywood luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Of all the designer pieces I brought with me, I ended up wearing a $50 dress I got from a hoochie store with the stupidest name I've ever heard of, and that's saying A LOT. Anyone who's ever visited Japan knows exactly what I'm talking about. This one is called ANGL, pronounced "angle" but for some reason spelled without the e. We checked it out because the name was too funny, clearly not expecting to find this wonderful dress! It's a really classic but unique, with raw edges and a very interesting (but not cheap) texture. Looked and felt great on. Thanks to my dear Godmomma for talking me into wearing it! I was considering a drapey Helmut Lang because we were eating lunch and I tend to grow a ginormous food baby when I eat. Thank God for Spanx :) Eventually the Spanx started feeling horrible, thankfully this feeling came on after we had left the luncheon...

Basically the same as the above outfit- with the addition of that super cozy Line sweater, bracelet from Lyn, minus the Spanx, and a different purse (the one I wore that morning).
Lesson learned: you cannot pig out in Spanx or you will feel like death. I switched out the bag and tied a scarf to it, because it was getting really cold and I wasn't sure the sweater would be enough. Gotta love that sweater! It covered my belly sans Spanx hehe. Wore this ensemble to after-luncheon drinks with Alfre, her husband Roderick, and her good friend/fellow actress CC at the beautiful Casa del Mar.


Theyskens' Theory navy "Jamal" blazer, Coincidence and Chance tanks, vintage belt, vintage jean shorts, vintage sunglasses, Louis Vuitton bag, and H&M flats. Jewelry: vintage Timex watch, vintage silver bracelet, and a vintage necklace (with a pig pendant) worn as a bracelet. 
Wore this to breakfast at Cora's Coffee Shoppe and shopping on the Third Street Promenade. Believe it or not I did not go crazy with spending. As much as I loved the Brandy ♥ Melville and Zara stores I did not get anything there. Made sure to check online for the things I liked, and saw that both stores have all the items on my wish list. I might get those items later. Brandy ♥ Melville is one of those stores that you absolutely must visit in person. Not only is it adorable inside, their clothes are SO SOFT. You will fall in love with everything. But online I won't have to pay the whopping 9.5% sales tax and it's free shipping on orders over $100. It won't be hard to find $100 worth of items. Anyway it was more important that I got rare items. In total got 4 items, counting the dress I found on day 1. You won't believe what I found on day 2,  and how little I paid. More on that soon!

McQ cape dress, vintage clutch (same one I wore to the luncheon), and Zara heels. Jewelry: vintage earrings that were a gift from Sheila (used to be her mother's) and an Alexander McQueen bracelet.
Wore this to the Foreign Film Academy cocktail reception at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Looks slightly fancy but felt like I was wearing pajamas, as that dress is a soft and stretchy jersey. Kept the jewelry simple since Alfre said it would be an older crowd. She was right. The age range was really diverse but it was definitely a more serious crowd. The atmosphere was great, but yes, hoity-toity compared to the Essence luncheon. So yeah, I totally embarrassed myself by asking Gael Garcia Bernal for a photo. I completely meant to first say "Hello, and pardon my interruption. I am a huge fan." Had my lines memorized and everything...but as soon as he acknowledged my presence I got so nervous. Ended up saying "Pardoname" (I know, WTF right?!) and went straight into asking for a photo. He was clearly somewhat annoyed, but indulged my request ^^;; Gael- If you see this, sorry and thanks >< On the bright side I didn't look bad when I made a total fool of myself. One cool thing about that cape is that you can cover your food baby with it. Yes! There was plenty of food and drink at the reception, which I definitely enjoyed, then afterward we ate a delicious dinner at Hal's Bar and Grill. Not even one day of knowing her and Alfre picked up on how much I love eating. It's really becoming my identifier, anyone who knows me know that I cannot turn down food. That is, unless I'm already filled to the brim. Ha! God that calamari was good...

* * *

Final outfit was the Line sweater, Athena Procopiou scarf, T by Alexander Wang tee layered over Coincidence and Chance tanks, H&M leggings, and H&M flats. 
Photo unnecessary. No jewelry or belts to save time/trouble at security check. Managed to fit everything else into 2 medium size bags :)

I really wore the heck out of that Line sweater, Athena Procopiou scarf and flats. I ended up overpacking by 2 outfits and a silk kimono. Not bad. It was good to have them around as options, in case I hadn't found anything good on Day 1.

Those $50 Zara shoes are the best purchase I have ever made, and that's saying a lot. I haven't used them very much but they are extra special to me. You may or may not remember but I got married in them. And after that had the pleasure of meeting the legendary Lang Lang in them. I know they're just objects, but after this trip I think I might fall into a deep depression if anything ever happened to them.

The African bracelets are also very sentimental. They aren't mine but I also wore those when I got married (my "something borrowed"). This time they were my tribute to the unbelievably beautiful ladies at the Essence luncheon. 

Acquired a fair amount of stuff on this trip and had *just enough* space in my luggage to not have to check any bags. Did I mention that I checked an empty suitcase from CVG to LAX? Yeah and it came back full. Not just because of the 4 items I got but freebies from the luncheon and an insane amount of cosmetics from my friend Enjel. Had I over packed by one more clothing item I would not have had the space! Everything happens for a reason :) It's like God knew how paranoid I am. I would have been worrying/whining the entire time. I have heard more than enough horror stories about lost luggage and destroyed items, so I do my best to avoid having to check anything.

Coming soon: travel diary with other details and photos + I'm thinking a beauty post.

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  1. If i saw Gael Garcia Bernal I would probably not even be able to speak so....you did great! haha. Can't wait for pics!