01 March 2013

Day 1 (of 4): CVG to LAX ➝ Santa Monica

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Santa Monica is my kind of town. Was so glad to see this bed after a long day of flying, walking around, shopping, and eating. I know, super stressful :)

* For anyone thinking about staying at the Shore Hotel: I highly recommend poolside rooms 108 or 109. As far as I'm concerned the balcony rooms (ocean view, pool/garden, and city view) are overrated and overpriced. For a second there I was scared about my privacy and wanted to switch rooms.. that is until I finally saw my room. It is very private- you get your own walled in patio, and with the angle no one can really see into your room. During the day, just close the semi-sheer curtain. Then at night leave it open for a very soothing night light.

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