17 June 2013

ALEXANDER WANG Resort 2013 Alek sandals

Took a few weeks but I finally caved in and bought a few things from the end-of-season sales. This is just package 1 of 4. Sounds excessive but I have been good for the past 3 months, got some really good deals AND it's my birthday on Wednesday! So it's ok :) For all I know the other things won't work out, but I am definitely keeping these babies.

Had my eye on them since last June. Put them on my Amazon universal wish list when they first fell in price, then late last week I was updating my wish list. Every so often I like to check the links to make sure the products on my wish list are still in stock or if prices had changed, and boy was I surprised to see that these had fallen $100 further in price and very much within my price range! 5 minutes later they were mine. Oh man, so happy...you don't even know how long it took to find the perfect nude flat sandal. I can wear this with downtown, minimal, sporty, even boho looks.

The only issue is that it's a little difficult to get your feet in and out due to that back part, and because the leather is pretty stiff right now. But I don't care, and I'm sure the leather will stretch/get softer with age. It's worth it because they look and feel amazing on. It's not that bad, just worth noting for anyone considering getting these. Other than that, these sandals are oh my gosh so nice. The footbed and inner part of the leather are as soft as an apricot. 

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