28 June 2013

June 19-23, 2013: Pensacola

I was in Pensacola for a few days last week with my husband and the in-laws, to attend my little brother in-law's graduation from Air Force training. We killed 4 birds with one stone with this trip- father in-law's birthday, belated Father's Day, my birthday, and Nathaniel's graduation. Click images to enlarge/launch slideshow view.

Day 1

Had birthday dinner at Mellow Mushroom- a drug-themed family pizza restaurant. We had 3 pizzas between the 6 of us, the Magical Mystery Tour, Thai Dye, and Maui Wowie.

Day 2

vintage tee shirt dress
vintage cropped top
LUX shorts

Spent the afternoon at Barrancas Beach, located within the Naval Air Station. Took us a few tries to actually find it- we kept taking the wrong paths and ending up at restricted portions ^^;; Man it was hot out. Made it that much better when we finally got there. 

Day 3

Attended Nathaniel's graduation ceremony at the Mustin Beach/Officer's Club. Afterwards he took us on a grand tour. We got to see the hangar, do a couple of flight sims, and see the bench he made as a going-away present (from his class to the academy). Though I have little interest in this sort of stuff I have to say it was a neat experience. After that Nathaniel took us to the National Naval Aviation Museum to look at old planes and whatnot. For dinner we had an enormous and scrumptious dinner at McGuire's Pub. As a graduation present to himself, Nathaniel ordered the [$100!] Grand Burger (as seen on ABC News/Nightline). It came with a Magnum of Mo√ęt, which he shared with all of us. 

Day 4

Looks relaxing but was actually quite a busy day. We drove an hourish to Gulf Coast Alabama to do go-karting and Pirate mini golf in the morning. Then drove back to Nathaniel's place on the base to have lunch. Then a half hour to Pensacola Beach, where we drank and swam for several hours. Oh my goodness SO fun. We parked on a quiet side street, and set up in front of some great beach homes, away from most people. It was amazing. Yes I used the Amaro filter but the water was really that color with the sun shining down into it. This trip is my husband's and my first time at the beach together in the 5 years we've been together. We both weren't quite against but not really for beach vacations. This trip has definitely changed our minds.  Nothing like swimming in a beautiful ocean with the one you love :)   Bobbing on the gentle waves, getting out to clean sand and a cooler full of yummy beer..and just lounging around.   

For dinner we ate at Crabs - We Got Em. I ordered the Blue Claw crabs, which you have to crack and clean yourself. I would not recommend this dish if you are squeamish, have delicate hands, or are expecting a quick in quick out sort of dinner. This dish requires A LOT of time and work, seeing as how you get 8 or 9 crabs about 6x4". It was yummy though. I wanted something local, and wanted crabs seeing as how we were at a CRAB restaurant.

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