29 July 2013

July 19-22, 2013: Chicago & Pitchfork Music Festival

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It's been a week since my man and I got back from Chicago, and back to reality. Sigh. This trip took care of several firsts. It our first real trip together (traveling to visit family, to me, does not count), our first time visiting Chicago as a couple, our first anniversary as a married couple...^_^... as well as our first ever music festival. How fortunate that so many artists we like were in attendance and scheduled to play the same two days. Got to see SolangeAndy Stott, and Rustie on Saturday + Killer MikeEl-PGlass Candy, and TNGHT on Sunday. Helped my man discover his new favorite store (AllSaints) -which is awesome because it happens to be one of mine- and ate very scrumptious food in the 4 days we were there.  

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