12 July 2013

Thrift store finds

Had a very successful trip the other day with mom. We were originally planning on a quick stop at H&M but she had various errands to run, so I accompanied her. On our way back from the bank realized Valley Thrift was just around the corner. Oh man SO glad we stopped in. Did not find any $0.09 deals but I scored some amazing wardrobe staples. Including my first fur- super soft (most likely rabbit), most importantly very clean without any tears in the fur or lining...only $25.99.

Those ballet flats are perfect for work, or any time really. Those boots are Simply Vera and typically go for $75 up. Those minimal ankle strapped d'orsays are Colin Stuart (sold via Victoria's Secret, typically cost $50 up) and were brand spankin' new. And no wardrobe is complete without a pair of low slung, crazy soft jeans with an ever-so-slight bootcut. Perfectly worn, in a faded black. I found them in the boy's section- jeans by Vans.

Total damage? $53.20 with tax. Holla!

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