04 July 2013

What the...

Apparently Blogger is requiring blog post titles in order to publish. Since when?


RICK OWENS LILIES cutout ruched jersey tops (Black, Dust)

Been wanting these tops for ages, and at last they're mine at a price I really like. Gotta love YOOX and their crazy ass pricing :) Either they list moderately priced items triple the cost of original retail, ridiculously expensive items at 70-90% off, or seasons old items at original retail. It's weird. The funniest is when they mistake a skirt for a tube top or dress and pricing is way off. I'm not quite sure of their system, if there is one, but sometimes it works out really well for the customer- especially a bargain hunter like myself. I watch my wish lists like a hawk and don't care how long I have to wait to get a great price. It is so satisfying when I time it just right, getting the deepest discount possible before it sells out.

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