31 August 2013

Finally mine, the elephant scrote of my dreams.

* Elephant scrote = my man's nickname for slouchy leather bags.

ALEXANDER WANG Diego bucket bag

Scored my dream bag at 48% off at FORWARD by Elyse Walker, thanks to their latest round of markdowns. Like I often say, good things and prices come to those who wait. In my case, wait 3 years.

I am not what you would call a bag lady but there are a few I like, the Diego being one of them. But there was no way I would buy one at full price, nor would I settle for some random color just to have one. Tried that once with the Rocco, sent it back because the color (Bone) looked horrible in person. All I could think was "pee on snow." ^^;;

Imagine my surprise at seeing the Diego bucket bag in pebbled black with antique brass hardware on that big of a discount. Alexander Wang, Shopbop, etc. sell this model at full price. It is, after all, one of his "Classics" in a signature leather/hardware combo. I have seen seasonal colors of the Diego on sale for cheap, but never have I seen a black one on sale for more than 20% off.

I was up late when the sale e-mail arrived. I knew I would lose out on this deal if I didn't buy it right then, and I was right. Sold out within 12 hours.

Anyway, it's all mine now! Sometimes being a night owl pays off, even if it hurts my bank account a little...

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