23 August 2013

Goodbye Litas

Bid farewell to my Litas today. Only wore them a handful of times in the 2+yrs I had them, which is why I decided to sell... but I have to say it was bittersweet.

A large part of it was due to the amount of time I spent OBSESSING over them, stalking them for weeks prior to purchase. I would check every site I could think of, multiple times a day like a freaking lunatic...even if they were sold out... till I finally found them on Free People - mislabeled the Ophelia boot for some odd reason. You'd have thought it was the happiest moment of my life. I signed up for their emails so I could get the free shipping code for first time registration. Took like two days for the code to reach my inbox. Felt like an eternity. Placed my order the second it arrived. I know, pretty crazy. To think I used to be this kind of shopper. 

I bought them within months of starting my blog, during my most shopaholic days. How many hours did I spend thinking of all the outfits I would wear with them? At the time I considered them classic boots everyone absolutely needed in their wardrobe. I thought I'd have them forever and use them always. No joke. They'd been mine for so long, on display next to their brothers and sisters... I guess part of me got so used to them being mine that it didn't even matter how rarely they were being used. That and I'd feel guilty even thinking about selling them, after all the thought I put into their purchase. It took a while but I finally realized I'd rather take a little bit of a financial hit then take a total hit and have them just sitting in their box, completely untouched. Better to sell them now before no one wants them anymore!

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