19 September 2013

3.1 PHILLIP LIM FOR TARGET travel wallet

Just in: Of over 100 pieces available, this simple wallet was the only item that caught my fancy. Many thanks to my dear godmom, who knew exactly what I wanted & happened to be out and about on this particular Sunday morning.

Based on this slideshow preview I just assumed it would be the size of a typical wallet, when in fact it is large enough to use as a clutch -which is fine as long as it is small enough to fit comfortably into my favorite bags. If I'm remembering the measurements correctly, one could even use this as an iPad mini case. At only $19.99, how could I resist?

I would have liked it no matter whose name was on it, and yet I might never have noticed it if not for the ridiculous and unjustified amount of publicity surrounding this collection. I dare say this looks just as nice as the original ($375), if not better. The only thing I prefer on the original is the zipper pull. I'm sure it feels better to the touch but otherwise looks to be about the same quality, which is awesome because it's so hard to find an affordable wallet that doesn't look stupid in some way.

As much as I'd like to get a beautiful and expensive wallet, I just can't spend over $200 on one because I suck at taking care of them. I always manage to get ink on them ><  so I generally keep it under $30. When it comes to nice purchases it is important to know oneself to avoid wasting money. I've made this mistake enough times. I don't have any issues with shoes, handbags, jewelry (including watches), and clothes, but have the worst luck with wallets and sunglasses. Anyway, here are a few suggestions for those who don't have my problem: Saint LaurentChanelAlexander WangComme des Garçons, Smythson.

Click HERE for product details & to check availability at your local Target store.

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