30 September 2013


Christmas has come early for this little girl, and my dear Diego now has a playmate.

Somehow I managed to score both of my dream scrotes, in the only colors I have ever wanted, at ridiculous discounts. First the Diego in black, and now the Rockie in "Iodine" (a deep burgundy/purple).

After missing out on this color at the end-of-season sales, I couldn't believe my eyes when I found it on eBay. There were two available- this one listed at an incredible price and another one listed for almost double the price. Mind you, this one is pre-owned but very gently. I asked a series of questions and requested additional photos including purchase documentation, and everything proved to be authentic. I couldn't believe I was the only bidder. My theory is that people are ignorant and think Singapore is in China. I'm scared of fakes too, which is why I went the extra mile to verify the original purchase.


I don't know if it's because it doesn't zip straight across, but it holds its shape way better than the Rocco, which I noticed tends to flatten in the middle and look like a blob when sat down. It's also much lighter (perfect for everyday use) and this beautiful color goes with most things I wear. Love it 

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